What Are The Right Ways To Brush Your Teeth

Brushing removes the thin film of bacteria that sticks on the teeth known as plaque, which causes cavities, disease of gums and can even cause the teeth to fall out if you ignore it for long. This bacterium also causes bad breath which is seriously not good for your social life.

Hence you know why you need to brush, now you can also learn to brush correctly and effectively, which this article is all about.

1. Get A Good Brush:

You need to have a good ADA approved tooth brush in order to get the best tooth cleaning you require. Make sure that the toothbrush you chose has bristles that comfortably reach your rearmost molars, as some brushes can be too big or wide.


You can also try flossing and brushing, to make sure that you cover each and every tooth and that too in front of a mirror. This can prove to be a good way to keep a check on where the toothbrush is touching the teeth and whether it is reaching the correct places or not.

2. Take your time while brushing your teeth

What your parents told you about brushing your teeth for at least 3 minutes is true. You need to spend time in order to clean your teeth and also to take the food particles out from between the teeth.

If you hurry in the brushing part, many food particles may be left between your teeth and can cause damage to them and also create cavities. Also it can cause bacteria to still live in the mouth causing foul smell and other ill effects.

3. Be firm yet gentle on your tooth

When you brush your teeth, you should keep the urge of putting too much pressure (on your teeth) aside. You would want to clean off each stain on your teeth and the obvious choice is to brush the teeth strongly. But this can result in brushing off, of the enamel from the tooth’s surface. The enamel keeps the teeth safe from acids and other harmful stuff in the food we eat.

So if you want to apply correct amount of pressure for the proper cleaning of teeth, then just hold the toothbrush between your forefingers and thumb. Be careful not to use the rest of your hand and in this way you can avoid putting extra pressure. Don’t brush on gums. If Put pressure on your gums, they will bleed.

4. Take Some Extra Care

If you have braces to your teeth, you have to take extra care. Clean your teeth and braces carefully every time after finished eating food. Other wise the food will get blocked between your braces and teeth.

If you can’t clean your teeth every time. At least clean them with water. Eat food with more water content, they won’t let the harmful sugars to stay on braces. Milk, Apple and water melon keeps teeth healthy.

5. Take some time before brushing your teeth after dinner

You should take some time between eating your food and brushing your teeth. This is because if you brush your teeth immediately after eating your food, you will need to brush for a longer duration of time and you will also need to put extra pressure on your teeth while brushing.

Taking time between eating and brushing gives the body, time to clean the teeth naturally using the saliva produced in the mouth. And this will help you brush your teeth lightly which will eventually help in keeping the enamel intact.



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