Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

Winter, Winter, Winter…. Many of us love this season & many of us call this as a cold & flu season. Cold, viral fevers, cough & congestion are the unwanted guests that visit us frequently in this season.¬†Instead of worrying let’s enjoy this winter with the help of a wonderful home remedy, which keeps us healthy and away from these unwanted guests. That magic remedy is “Turmeric Milk”.

Turmeric, often referred as the ‘Queen of Spices’. According to the journal of American Chemical Society, turmeric contains a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Milk, we all know strengthens bones. Combined with turmeric it provides additional benefits. A sip of this hot turmeric milk will give you a good night’s rest & improve your symptoms by morning. However, pregnant women are advised not to use turmeric directly, as it contribute to ulcers.

Hope you will try this turmeric milk & enjoy its therapeutic benefits10649823_632006393586382_4805803043271299393_n

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