Things To Avoid In Your First Meal

Many people are not able to spend enough time in choosing proper diet that keeps them healthy. They don’t have the track of time and have meals at odd times. But it is important to pay attention to what you are eating in the morning for breakfast.

Soda or Aerated Drinks:

avoid drinking soda

It is good to avoid soda or any aerated drinks in your first meal in the morning as they secrete enzymes that are harmful for the digestive system and are cause for many kinds of illness. You can prefer water compared to these drinks.

Spicy Foods:


Spicy foods and gravy curries should be avoided as your first meal in the day. This can make you feel dull through out the day and if this diet continues it may also cause ulcer in future. It is suggested to eat easily digested food in the morning.



Most people have a habit of drinking Tea or Coffee in the morning. This is pretty common and is good to refresh your mind. But this not be your first drink in the morning as it may cause hormonal imbalances that increase stress. Have a glass of water first and after 10 minutes enjoy your cuppa.

Sour foods:


They are to be avoided as first meal in your day as they too affect your digestive system. Tomatoes are the most common ingredient in the breakfast. But its not suggested to eat tomatoes in your first meal, instead have a glass of milk or eat some light food before eating tomatoes.



It is also not good to eat banana on an empty stomach. According to health experts, banana contains magnesium and it is not good to eat these foods early in the morning.

Most of us are used to go for walking or jogging in the morning without eating anything. If you do this on an empty stomach it will cause the fat to burn slowly and the exercise can prove to be ineffective. Have a cup of green tea and then do yoga, running or jogging.


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