Easy Diy Gift – The Watercolor Coffee Mugs

What are your plans for this thanksgiving? Isn’t it exciting to give surprising gifts to your family and friends? I have already started preparing my list. I am thinking of some DIY gifts, then I found this video from Audra Kurtz and it’s very easy to make.

Coffee or tea drinkers in your family? Yes? Then think about making this! Get a ceramic mug, some nail polish(you can even use a glitter one), warm water, tooth pick, and a dish that you don’t mind getting messy (plastic is best). This reminds me of marbled nails. Cute!

These mugs would make great gifts and are fast, cheap, and easy to make! These mugs need to be hand-washed. To seal your design you can use a clear acrylic spray.

Here’s the video… enjoy!



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