Stocking Flowers

Stocking flowers step by step tutorial.

Material Used:

– Binding wire

– Buds

– Socks cloth

– Anything to roll the wire

– Thread

– Scissors

Steps :


1) Required material – binding wire, buds, socks cloth, anything to roll the wire, thread.

2) Roll the wire across and make a ring.

3) Take the ring formed.

4) Cut the socks cloth with scissor


5) Wrap the socks cloth across the ring.

6) Tie it with the thread. You will get the petal.

7) Bend the petal to make the desired shape.

8) Make some more petals by following the same process.


9) Tie some petals along with buds to make a stocking flower.

10) Very small petal made by following the same process.

11) Bunch of small petals.

12) Tied the small petals with thread.

stocking flowers

And that’s the final output. tie all the stocking flowers together to make bunch of flowers. This can be decorated in flower vase or in a hanging pot.

Hope you like this and try it, to have fun of making creative stuff.

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