Loose 8 Pounds In One Week With This Healthy Diet

Its not so easy to reduce 8 pounds in one week. But experts says its not so difficult, by following the diet plan given by them. without any hard exercises or any others operations, you can loose weight by following this simple diet plan.

It’s tough to eat only vegetables and fruits for whole week. if you can’t stay without eating rice you can have it once in a day. plan it with more fiber. below is the diet for the whole week:

Exercise: Walking is the best exercise of all. If you are walking for half an hr daily do it for 10 more minutes. Its even better if you do brisk walk.

Monday:  To remove the toxins from your body, lets start with fruits. Having fruits doesn’t mean you have as many as you want. Follow these limits and plan accordingly. For whole day, you can have 4 apples, 4 oranges, 2 pomegranate, 1 watermelon. Of course, eating fruits may consume lot of time, but don’t make juice and have it. You have to eat fruits only. Don’t think as you are having more fruits you can neglect having water. You have to take at least 10 glasses of water, its mandatory. This whole daily have warm water with honey and lime juice. start your day day with that before starting your diet.

Tuesday: Second day in your weight loss program, have only vegetables today. You can have raw vegetable or you can prepare salads with them or you can even boil them. If you want, you can add pinch of salt and pepper. When ever you feel hungry eat the vegetables. Do not add cream, cheese, milk or oil to these vegetables. Don’t forget to drink warm water in the morning and consume 10 glasses of water.

Wednesday: Its the day of banana and milk. Have 10 bananas, 3 glasses of milk and a bowl of diet soup. If you feel hungry take some food, prefer rotis. Increase the consumption of water. Instead of 10 glasses have 12 glasses of water.

Thursday: You have reached your fourth day already. Have your favorite fruits and vegetables. Try to eat raw vegetables, if you can’t you can boil the vegetables. But don’t use oil or cheese with vegetables. Consume 12 glasses of water. Take salad made with fruits and vegetables. Avoid juices completely.

Friday: Along with vegetables have a small cup of brown rice, small cup of dal and one glass of buttermilk. Along with that have 6 tomatoes, 2 apples, 2 oranges. Take salad as you take daily. Try to increase the consumption of water by two glasses thats totally 14 glasses.

Saturday: Follow any of the above days diet. Don’t decrease the water consumption. Additional to that, take one cup of green tea. Try to avoid the tea and coffee this day. 

Sunday: Finally, its our last day. Boil your favorite vegetable along with cup of rice and cup of dal. Along with that have a glass milk and a small bowl of salad. Consume 14 glasses of water. You can have a glass of fruit juice without sugar today.

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