Lemon Juice Is Healthy For You In All Seasons

Winter brings lots of joy and happiness to everyone with Christmas and New Year. But this is also the season for Flu, Cough and Cold that are most common seen even in the most healthy person. Lemon Juice is a rich source of vitamin C that improves your immune systems and helps you fight Cough, Cold and Viral infections.

Rainy season is when we are generally troubled with skin related problems, drinking Lemon Juice everyday benefits the skin as it improves blood circulation and cleans impurities in blood which as a result gives us glowing skin.

Along with Vitamin C, Lemon is also a rich source of Vitamin B, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. Compared to Apple or Grapes, Lemon contains these essential minerals in high volumes.

Starting your day with a glass of Lemon Juice will improve your digestive system, helps excrete the waste from your body, controls stomach burns, improves the liver enzymes secretion and gives you instant energy. Make it a habit to carry a bottle of Lemon Juice with your when you leave your house everyday.

People with bad breath should give importance to drinking Lemon Juice everyday in the morning. Lemon helps you have lasting fresh breath and add a pinch of salt and few drops of lemon to your tooth paste for brushing your teeth to make them clean and strong.

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