Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort’16 Day -1, Pero

Pero – Walking hand in hand with Zahir Hussain mondal our master Chikankari Karigar who embroiders magic with a simple white thead on to péro clothing and translates it into love for the wearer. Techniques such as smocking, quilting, and gathering, and allied hand crafted trims like crochette and lace, enhance, if ever so slightly the elegance of the fabric, and the visible seams allow the construction of the garment to be evident. the woman on our mind is a romantic, who makes herself noticed with the vague carelessness in which she dresses and considers life. She is a modern day traveller who embraces the contemporary yet keeps her history intact and lives her memory in the present. A smart gypsy who nonchalantly mixes haute couture with the ones she bought at the flea market, or what she inherited from her grandma. Be it a vintage denim jacket or an old piece of lacy lingerie, she puts things together in a way that transforms even the most compelling clothes into something wild yet casual. She adores the beauty in imperfect, incomplete and impermanent things, and challenges order with the disorder of passions, both in love and in fashion. At péro we believe in the organic evolution of design through experimenting with traditional techniques and locally available skills.

source: Lakme Fashion Week(FB Page)

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