Interesting and easily made snacks for kids

Kids are fond of new foods. Snacks can help them recharge  and maintain sugar blood levels between meals. Unlike candy and highly processed foods, I would like to prepare them myself. I always search for new recipes and try to make them to surprise my kiddo. Like me many of the mothers are facing challenges in managing time and making healthy snacks for their kids.

I thought of sharing some of the interesting and easy to make snacks, which children would love to eat. Click on the links for the recipe.


  1. Almond Joy: The killer combination of coconut, almonds, and milk chocolate makes for a delectable candy bar. 10614138_530064343760074_3357428124690524396_n
  2. Chocolate Pie: Rich and creamy chocolate pie. Kids would love to eat it. Cheese Balls
  3. Cheese Balls: Round, fun and tasty, cheese balls were born to party!                  11535448_908403575865634_198056672_o
  4. Chocolate oatmeal cookies: Soft and chewy with slightly crisp edges, these darkchocolate chunk oatmeal cookies are full of flavor and exploding withchocolate!
  5. Nutella Pie: No-Bake Nutella Pie – Every part of this pie is no-bake, including the crust! So rich, creamy and decadent!                                                                           
  6. Ice cream: Who doesn’t love Ice cream. Skip the machine and make ice cream without an ice cream maker with this easy guide.                                                                          
  7. Corn Fritters: Easy-to-follow Corn Fritters recipe                        10246731_494663807300128_116363450724516366_n
  8. Kool Aid Pie: Fast, easy, and tasty too, this pie is an awesome dessert on a hot day.

Image Courtesy: Cookingworld

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