How to Straight Hair without Heat

I Love Straight and soft hair. To get that look, I’ve always used an electric heated straightening iron to get the effect, but that extra heat can leave my hair looking tired and damaged. I have tried so many non heating methods but I am not able to get the look I really want to achieve. Then, I found this great video that really worked miracles.

It takes a bit of time, but then, so does straightening your hair with an iron. There is absolutely no heat involved and most of the time spend is the night before, so you don’t have to get up early to get the look you want.

How to Do it?

  • First, while you hair is still wet, get your hair into a tight ponytail. We recommend doing this with a fine tooth comb to really get stray hairs to lay flat. It’s important that the ponytail stay tight so when the roots dry out they will lay flat on your head.
  • Keep the strand ends damp by converting the ponytail into a bun. Keep your hair like this for an hour or so.
  • Next, release the bun and brush out your hair. Take one-inch sections of your hair and wrap them over your head, almost like a milk braid. Secure each section to your head with two or three bobby pins.
  • When you’ve finished, wrap your head with a scarf if you plan on sleeping while you’re straightening your hair. If you keep you hair like this for a minimum of five hours, you should have beautiful, straightened hair!

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