How To Remove Sweater Fuzz Easily

You know what I mean when I say fuzzy pills, don’t you? It’s those globs of fibers that pill up and create little balls on your sweater. They can ruin the look and be extremely frustrating to remove. You may have tried all the tricks in the book from a comb or brush to a pumice stone and to no avail. The little balls of fuzz remained on your best sweater, mocking you with their stubborn disobedience to evacuate the area. I tried everything from duct tape to clipping each one off with a scissors and it wasn’t until I found this methods did I have any success.

The solution was easy. I found that using my spouses beard trimmer worked great. It was far faster than the scissors but did the trick. You have to be careful not to apply too much pressure or you’ll ruin the sweater you’re fighting to save. If you don’t have a beard trimmer, don’t despair. Using a regular shaver works just as well. It’s a bit slower and you have to be super careful but those little fuzz balls are history after a few strokes. Again, don’t put too much pressure on the razor as you glide it across the sweater or you’ll be wearing a sweater with holes everywhere.

Here’s the video that solved my problem. It’s “Everyday Genius with Kari Byron” from American Express. It shows how easy it is to do and makes it look simple, because it is.

credit: easyhacker

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