How To Plop Up Your Curly Hair Without Heat

Curly hair can easily become frizzy hair unless you use a lot of product and take a lot of time. Most of you with curly hair understand that statement way too clearly. You probably also recognize the feeling of wanting to go out for the evening or staying up late if you’ve had a great hair day because you know it won’t be that way the next day…or even the next. In fact, some days it seemed as though there weren’t enough product or time to get these crazy locks to look fantastic.

That is now all in my past since I watched this video on YouTube from Donata White. The technique she used seemed dubious to me. All you need is a clean T-shirt and damp hair, so it seemed way too simple. It’s called the “plop.”. And don’t feel the need to stay up longer on good hair days because they’re all good hair days!

source: easyhacker

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