How To Make Yummy And Delicious French Toast Roll Ups

I have found a new snack for my kiddo. You can make this for breakfast as well. French toast roll-ups have hot, gooey fillings stuffed into the middle of them with golden-brown, buttery outsides coated in a sweet, crunchy cinnamon sugar that all but melts in your mouth.

Thanks for the girl who ate everything for this recipe, which can fill our lazy sunday morning breakfast. In her tutorial, she used softened cream cheese or nutella with diced strawberries. You can use a nut butter, nutella, marshmallow fluff, and/or whatever else you can think of! There are no rules and the recipe is really more method than precision.

Below is the link for recipe.

thegirlwhoateeverything:delicious french toast roll up

Image Courtesy: Thegirlwhoateeverything

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