How to make your mother-in-law fall in love with you

Do you want your mother-in-law to love you?

Mothers-in-laws can be a real source of support. You need to recognise that and not assume that things will always be difficult, which often may alienate the mother in law unnecessarily.

The main problem with the mother and daughter-in-law relationship is the feeling of inferiority it causes. If mother won’t give up mothering her son even though he’s married, daughter-in-law is made to feel she’s the second woman in her husband’s life.

If you let things lie, and never tackle her, it will cause problems not just between you and her, but also between you and her son. Here are the some tips to make your mother-in-law love you.

  1. Try to know more about your mother-in-law

    If you are about to get married, then its perfect time to know about your future mother-in-law. Find out her likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc  from your  spouse-to-be.  This information will help you to connect to her.

    First thing is to ask your husband about her reactions to sensitive issues. Throw in some scenarios to get better understanding.

  1. Dress appropriately

    Make sure you dress appropriately, when you are around your mother-in-law. What we wear defines what we are.  Do not visit her dressing in modern clothes(most MILs don’t like this), hair looking messy, etc.

    Everyone you know including your husband might like your attire, but there is a very good chance  mother-in-law may not.

  1. Initial Days are very crucial

    Yes, initial days are very crucial. Relationship between you and your mother-in-law will majorly depend on these days. So, come on, maintain a smile on your face.
    Just treat your mother-in-law like your mother. Wish her and respect her as you do to your mother.

    Another important thing always stay polite around her. Even if you are upset or angry don’t let her know about it. Whenever she corrects you or gives advice, ooffff of course it’s horrible, but thank her for the advice.

  1. Treat your husband well

    Yeah we all do it. But many parents are possessive about their children. How you treat and respect their child will earn you their respect and love. Your husband may be a best buddy to you and you might be very casual to each other.  That should be only between you guys, in front of your in-laws ensure that you are respectable in how you talk and how you treat him.

  1. Thank and praise her whenever it’s possible

    Come on, every coin will have two sides. Stop getting angry when she starts cleaning up everything, just let her do it, you need not to do it. Your burden was reduced and don’t forget to thank her, this will make her feel, every so often, you do value her.
    Every time you see your mother-in-law make one compliment. Let her know what you like in her.

  1. Give her Gifts

    Who doesn’t love the gifts??? Your mother-in-law will appreciate your love towards her if take some gifts now and then. Make sure she likes them. If you don’t know what she likes, your spouse can help you with that.

  1. Keep talking and know her even better

    Don’t clam up and simmer in silence. Try to start a conversation whenever it’s possible. Ask her questions about her life and her past to know more about her.  You can do even this while cooking.

  1. Give her Space

    Let her spend time with her child alone. Here lies the main problem, mother-in-laws want to treat his son in the same even after marriage and you may want to take care of spouse. Both compete with each other for the same person.

    Let your mother-in-law have her space and she will reciprocate you the same. Example, offer her the front seat with him (she will feel happy), later she will ask/insist you to sit in front sit.

  1. Visit her

    Try to visit her frequently, otherwise she probably feels excluded from your life. Even if you are not able to visit her, call her. Your mother-in-law will definitely appreciate it, if you call her regularly to check up on her. Don’t wait for her to call.

  2. Have a Baby

    Your mother-in-law will love you even more when you give her a grandchild. After having a baby, you will notice the two of you will become closer.

 Now, you can start by choosing a few among the 10 and let us know in comments if your relation has improved.


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