How To Make Winter Votives With Epsom Salt

You, don’t always have to buy expensive stuff just to make your room livelier; make use of the pieces of stuff around you. There are lots of great ideas that you can do, it can actually be fun and interesting. Not to mention that you can get unique and cool stuff without spending a fortune. SparklyBlonde shows how to make winter votives.

These icy votive candle holders were quite inexpensive. You will need votive candles, bowl or vase, epsom salt and Mod Podge. Apply Mod Podge around the bowl and dip it in epsom salt. It’s very easy to make and yet looks so beautiful. You do some experimenting here, you can mix some food color to epsom salt and make them colorful. You can even write some words Happy holidays etc.. Apply Mod Podge as letter you want to write, dip it in the food color mixed epsom salt. Let it dry and apply the Mod Podge in remaining area and dip it in plain epsom salt. Tadaa.. you will get the gorgeous and customized winter votives.

Watch the video to get your creative juices flowing. You’re bound to have embellishments to make it your own unique creation.

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