How To Make A Cute Beanie Hat From An Old Sweater

Pile of old sweaters taking up all the space in your closet? Yet you don’t want to throw them out? then here is a tip for you. As the weather starts to get cooler, this simple, creative project brings new life to old sweaters in the most wonderful way… and it’s so easy!

Rather than spending money on cute beanies, make one out of an old sweater instead. In the video below, learn how to make a quick DIY beanie with no sewing required. Start by cutting into the sweater right under the armpit, all the way across. Then cut down the seam of one side. Wrap the sweater around your head to see how big the hat should be, then cut off the excess fabric. Watch the tutorial below to see the next few steps, and trust me, if I can make a beanie like this then you can, too!

The great thing about this project is the fact it’s so quick that you can sit down and make a bunch of beanies in all different colors and patterns in no time.

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