How To Get A Flawless Lip Shape Everytime

If you want to get flawless and symmetrical lips at home than follow these steps. Getting flawless lips depend on geometry. You just have to draw some lines on your lips to get perfect shape. But first of all soften your lips by applying petroleum jelly and then exfoliate them with lip scrub.

1. X Marks The Spot

Start by drawing an ‘X’ on the upper-lip as shown in this picture.


2. Moving On Down

Now, copy this shape on to the lower-lip. You need to add the lines to the upper-lip as well, before lining up the shape below.


3. Getting More Detailed

Here’s where it gets a little more complex. Outline the lower-lip as shown and add the lines to the upper-lip like the picture.


4. Almost Done

Continue the process by adding the contours to the upper-lip. You should have something that looks like this picture.


5. Completing The Lip Outline

Once you finish adding the lines as seen here, you are ready to move onto the final step.


6. Filling In The Blanks

Now that you’ve got your outline, it’s time to fill in the empty space with lipstick.


source: candyreader

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