How To Cut Your Bangs Straight Across



Cant wait to set a hair appointment to get the annoying strands of hair out of your face? Well this girl has the PERFECT solution to cutting your own chic bangs whenever you want!

1. Bang Time:

First, grab the amount of hair you’d like to become bang, making sure your parts are even on both sides.


2. Cutting time:

You then twist your furture bang tightly, leaving no hair behind. As you hold that into place, begin cutting straight across lower than your final bangs will be…


3. The 2nd Chop:

Twist your bang again, this time cutting even shorter than before. Be sure you are cutting as straight of a line as you can – because no one wants crooked bangs do they?


4. The Perfect bangs:

After cleaning up the straggle hair, you’ll find yourself with the PERFECT bang that only you could’ve done…and for FREE! Don’t they look so professional!?!




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