Get Healthy And Beautiful Hair With Sesame Oil

Sesame oil plays a key role in supplying nutrition for your hair. It can stand as a substitute for several types of conditioners. Check out how it helps in maintaining the health and beauty of our hair.

Substitutes Conditioner:



Many people use conditioners to get soft, silky and healthy hair. You may also be one of them, lets try something different for a change. Massage your head with Sesame oil and after two hours wash your hair and see the results yourself.

Treats split ends and dryness:

Young woman looking at split ends. Damaged long hair

If your hair is dry or breaking or tangled then applying sesame oil daily helps improve the hair quality as it provides the nutrients that solve these hair problems.

Stress Relief:

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Whenever you are feeling stressed or fatigue then heat up some sesame oil and let it cool till its warm and then massage it on the scalp. This will reduce your stress, fatigue and also helps you get the good sleep that your body needs.

Controls Lice and Improves Blood Circulation:

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Another common problem with kids hair is that they have Lice in their hair. In that case mix two types of essential oils with Sesame oil and apply it. This will help control the problem as it contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Massaging Sesame oil also helps improve blood circulation. It also helps in manage head aches and control dandruff problems.

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