Tips For Handling Toddlers Tantrums In Public

You may have often seen a child shouting and screaming at the top of his voice at the shopping mall or a restaurant. A scolding parent and an uncontrollably crying child, one can quote it as a normal scene at public places. Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be caught in the same situation in near future?

To save you from such an embarrassing position, here are some tips to handle a toddlers tantrums in public:

  • Be aware of your child’s behaviour
    You must know about your kid’s nature and behaviour as he/she grows up. This will help you distract the child as soon as you see an upcoming tantrum. Engage the child in some other activity to make him/her forget about what he/she was thinking.
  • Pay attention to the child
    Many children start getting upset and irritated if they are hungry, tired or thirsty. The child may have to wait for a long time before your chores like shopping, paying the bills are over and he might get bored and upset in that time. So, carry light snacks with you to never let your child suffer from pangs of hunger. You can also try talking to the child frequently so that he does not feel left out.
  • Train your child
    The child must be made aware of the right way to behave in public places. The training for good behaviour must start at your home at an early age.
  • Overlook the tantrum
    Try ignoring the child for some time. When the tantrum is at its peak, there is no point in arguing with your child. Instead, do not pay attention to the child or continue talking normally about something else for a few minutes. Eventually, the child will get the message and cool down. This practice can begin at home as well.
  • Do not scream at the child
    If both of you start behaving inappropriately at a public place, it will be really embarrassing. As an adult, treat the child calmly and do not get angry, ever. Maintain a civilized behaviour at all times to avoid the situation getting out of control.
  • Avoid accepting all the demands
    Most of the toddlers tantrums are about getting something he/she wants, like a new fancy toy or candy. Many parents instantly accept all the wishes of the child to avoid creating a scene in public. But, this is highly inappropriate as the child will quickly get a hint from such behaviour of the parents and hence will behave in the same manner to get all his demands fulfilled. Only accept the wishes which are reasonable.
  • Reward good behaviour
    As you punish your child for being undisciplined or throwing tantrums, it is equally important that you praise the child when required. This will make the child learn that good behaviour will always benefit him/her. Be genuine and enthusiastic in your affection and praise. Some loving words and a small gift like a new toy car will definitely make the child extremely contented.

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