Fancy Dress Contest

Fancy Dress Contest – Children’s Day Special

Children’s day ahead…

Do you still remember those long long speeches, fancy dress competitions n queues for chocolates at school??? 🙂

Lets go back to those golden days for a moment..
Lets make our kids day special this children’s day with a Fancy dress..

These are generally held in school.But after seeing lovely work and enthusiasm shared by many  talented ones, we thought.. Y not conduct a fancy dress contest online..!!

Hope you guys would enjoy participating in our contest.. 🙂

Rules & Regulations

1. One image is allowed per submission

2. Last date the submit your fashion dresses is 12th November, likes will be counted till midnight of 13th November.

3. Each submission will be posted in an album on facebook and link will be provided to participant to share

4. The Fancy dress with most number of likes will be declared winner

5. Winner will be announced on 14th November

This contest has ended and the winners are:


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