Does Vinegar Really Make Your Manicure Last Longer

A few weeks ago, I read about this strange vinegar tip that helps her keep her manicure looking great longer. Honestly, it sounded silly to me. I thought it might be an urban legend, but the DIY beauty junkie in me decided that I just had to try it out.


The trick is to swab a bit of white vinegar on your nails before applying polish. Just let the nails air dry before applying any polish.

Simply use a Q-tip to swab a bit of vinegar on the nails. Avoid cotton balls, since they can leave stray fibers behind, which could be stuck in the polish that you apply.

I tried this myself a couple weeks ago and I was impressed at how long my manicure lasted. Five or six days after applying polish, my nails still looked amazing. In fact, they looked freshly polished.

Even when I’ve used both top and base coats, I have never had my manicure last this long. With my busy life, I don’t have the time to paint my nails all the time, so I’m definitely going to be using this trick again. Try this trick yourself and see what you think.

The theory behind this trick is that the vinegar helps to remove residue and moisture from the nails. This makes it easier for the first coat of polish to adhere to your nails, which makes your manicure last longer.

You might be skeptical, but at least try it. You probably have white vinegar in your kitchen anyway. If it works for you like it did for me, you’ll be thrilled that your nails stay looking great so much longer.

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