Diwali Rangoli Contest

We women love to be colorful and have the art of showing the love towards colors in multiple ways
Rangoli is one such form to showcase that art.
On this Diwali, As the colorful diyas lighten the world around you, enhance it a little more with your colorful art.
Announcing Rangoli competition and hoping to see the same enthusiasm we had seen in our earlier theme..
So what are you waiting for.. Start up your preparation..
Wait… Hold on…..
Just Rangoli would be a too simple..
Let’s have a small clause added..
Your Rangoli should depict the theme of Diwali…
Get set go…!!!!

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Rules & Regulations for Diwali Rangoli Contest

1. One image is allowed per submission

2. Your Rangoli should depict the theme of Diwali

3. Last date the submit your creations is 17th November

4. Each submission will be posted in an album on facebook and link will be provided to participant to share

5. The Diwali Rangoli submission with most number of likes will be declared winner

6. Winner will be announced on 19th November

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