Colorful mug cake in one minute

I love to eat cakes, but I am also worried of eating more calories and making so much of cake for one. Now after seeing this I need not to worry anymore, I can have a cake when ever I want to. I loved the idea of mug cake. First, they are easy to make, second, they are colorful and delicious, third, its single serve.

When you are too tired and just not in mood to cook or If so many friends are visiting you or if your kid is feeling hungry and wants to have something quickly. You can make these mug cakes in 1 minute and surprise everyone.

I found some delicious recipes that you need to try. Funfetti, gluten-free chocolate banana, red velvet, apple crumble, and rainbow. Be sure and eat the chocolate warm!

Here’s the tutorial by Jemma Stafford..

image courtesy: jemma Standford

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