Change Up Your Routine And Change Your Life

Our daily lives are often a series of habits played out through the day, a trammeled existence fettered by the slow accretion of our previous actions.

Change up your routine and change your life. Taking simple steps is the first step toward changing the bigger things.

Check out some simple ways to change up your daily routine:

  • Start your daily routine with small stretching workouts. Do stretching workouts for at least for 15 minutes daily morning after waking from sleep. It gives the required amount of strength to your body. Blood pumping will be good and you feel your body lighter than usual. If you get used to this daily routine your weight will get reduced.
  • Its better to take more nutritious food in the morning as breakfast. Your breakfast should contain more fiber, meat and less fat. These provide the required amount of energy to the body and you can work for long hours. You will not feel hunger for long duration.
  • Do you drink coffee for 3 or 4 times daily? then you have to stop it. Drink coffee only once in the morning, remaining times try to have tea. Its even better if you try to drink green tea. The anti-oxidants in green tea will save you from heart diseases and the health problem.
  • You might be doing a lot of exercises but give more importance to breathing exercises. They help you to maintain your blood pressure. Improves our pulse and digestion. If you don’t decrease the stress, it will effect you mentally and causes health problems. So concentrate on decreasing the stress levels. Along with workouts do meditation and spend some quality time with your friends.
  • In the food you take, decrease the unhealthy foods and increase the healthy foods. Its good for your health. Your weight will be reduced. Even small small daily activities also help our body a lot. Climbing stairs, walk as much as you can, play skipping for at least for 5minute or jump. By doing things you can spend so many calories and your body will also become fit. 

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