Best out of waste – Chain hanger

Chain Hanger

Tutorial to make a chain hanger which you can attach to your cupboard wall. This makes it easy for us to pick our daily chains quickly.

Materials Required:

– Any waste box or you can make a box with cardboard.

– Decoration papers

– Binding wire or any wire

– Double sided bonding tape




1.Take any waste box or make a box with cardboard.


2. Take any decorative sheet. Measure the sheet and cut it exactly to fit inside the slider of the box.IMG_20141030_153647

3. Make some holes into the sheet.

4. Bend the wire to fit into the holes. Cut the excess wire.


4. Insert the bent wire into the holes of sheet.

5. Use tape or glue to fix wire to the sheet.



6. Place the sheet inside the slider.




7. Use decorative sheets, paper flowers, quilling flowers etc to decorate the outer box.

8. Finally, the box to hang your chains is ready. Use the double sided bonding tape to attach this to the cupboard door.


This is how the box attached to the cupboard with chains will look like. Hope you all liked this.

Comment your suggestions or any other ideas to use a waste box.

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