Beautiful Curls With Socks And No Heat

I love curls, many of us do. But what I liked more in this idea is curls with socks and no heat. Curls with no heat, Isn’t it amazing. Of course there are other ways to get no heat curls like bobby pins, hair sticks, bands etc. But its very hard to sleep on them.

This is a way to get luxurious curls with sock bun. You can sleep on it happily and the sock bun itself looks great. You can wear sock bun as hair style a day and next you will have wonderful curls. Thanks to Nicole for testing it for all of us. She seemed surprised that it actually worked, and quite well too, by the way.she didn’t use any damaging heat, just socks. Anyway, if you want an easy way to have tendrils of curls cascading, this is a super easy way to achieve it.

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