An Easy Way To Fix A Zipper

Did you ever face this problem? Of course we all have been there. Having to send off your favorite bag or pair of boots for repair because the pesky zipper stops closing from the bottom. When the teeth don’t close, it’s frustrating to say the least. Recently, my favorite bag zipper got problem. This time I started searched for a solution which i can do without spending much for the repair. Finally I found it, Hyrum from UCAN Zippers USA is here with quick video tutorial about how to repair a zipper.

Basically, you want to clamp down on two areas of the slider to make the teeth engage with each other, thus closing the gap as the zipper slides. You’ll need a pair of pliers. This helpful trick will work on zippers attached to boots, jackets, and especially bags… and what a lifesaver it is! I’ve tried this method, and I can honestly say it works.

Hyrum says if you can’t move the slider, then you’ve clamped it too much. You’ll need to open the mouth again just a little at a time until you’re happy with the slider movement.

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