Amazon India Fashion Week SS’16 Day – II

Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) Spring Summer’16 moves to Day 2, Oct 8 for another day of spectacular fashion.

day2 schedule

Prama by Pratima Pandey:

A summer pastel palette of prints sums up opening Day 2 designers, Pratima Pandey, Tanvi Kedia, Rasa Jaipur. Prints and patterns rule the runway from Prama’s florals. 

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Rasa Jaipur:

A summer pastel palette of prints sums up opening Day 2 designers, Pratima Pandey, Tanvi Kedia, Rasa Jaipur. Rasa Jaipur’s overall snake patterns with wonderful color combination were really amazing.

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Tanvi Kedia:

A summer pastel palette of prints sums up opening Day 2 designers, Pratima Pandey, Tanvi Kedia, Rasa Jaipur. Tanvi Kedia showcased an explosion of prints. Bursting with cheerful positivity the collection is all about the freshness, optimism and providing the woman with a fun and wearavly wardrobe.

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Hemant & Nandita:

Hemant & Nandita you can’t catch a wild flower show on day 2. Hemant & Nandita work their magic on the Op and Pop Art inspired colors, 1960’s swirls and spatter embroideries and details to take you five decades back.

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Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan:

Pallavi Mohan travels back in time remembering her first Kaleidoscope and recreating a myriad of dreams weaving through her Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

The collection is an amalgamation of laser cut 3D metallic star contour on washed denim with sensuous sheer and organza giving it a feminine twist.

Keeping the signature style of the brand, the collection is fun, edgy, mischievous and is sure to lift up your spirits.

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Anand Bhushan:

Anand Bhushan makes fashion creative but also able and continues to cultivate the modern, edgy, take on upscale dressing which the designer has become known for. He named his collection DEUCE for this years AIFWSS’16.

All the designs were tennis inspired, which is the absolute match for the spring/summer season. Have a glimpse at the Anand Bhushan collection.

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Dev R Nil:

Dev r Nil’s 3-D embellishments made with cut-out organza florals and digitally-printed georgettes. A modern take on intelligent, almost-geeky, yet chic dresser who likes to experiment.

Print-on-print look a new edge, where it intercepts with solids to complement the asymmetry that plays the role of protagonist in the collection.

Together, a sense of edginess and beauty is expected to flow in shades of nude, off-white, tangerine, cobalt blue and sensuous black over bomber jackets, dresses, paneled palazzo, T-shirts, shirts, trousers and waistcoats.

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Samant Chauhan:

Samant Chauhan Kinnaur Queen draws its inspiration from many centuries of intense and rich Indo-Greek cultural exchange. This collection takes you back to the fascinating era of Alexander encounter with Porus. It also captures the deep impact of Alexander`s marital ties with Kinnauron.

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Payal Pratap:

Payal Pratap’s Vintage Rose show at AIFW SS’16 show. Romancing of the era of the 50’s with flamboyant florals, sharp stripes & playful polka dots. A bold collection to celebrate the journey of the modern woman, someone with a youthful and vibrant attitude to life.

Payal Pratap’s collection gradually evolves into a softer pastel palette in tonal octaves keeping the silhouettes fluid, a reflection of the carefree woman of today.

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Ashish N Soni:

Designer Ashish N Soni brought out the inner child of fashion lovers at the Amazon India Fashion Week SS’16. Ashish’s ‘Inner Child’ collection was all about major experiments with the denim fabric which is usually worn as casual wear like jeans, jacket etc. However, he presented an all together different and attractive combination of the simple, easy cuts and smart fitted silhouettes.

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source: FDCI, TrendInn

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