Aarthi Thali Decoration Contest

On this Holy month of Navarthri days, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of the universal mother.
Though the forms of worship differ, Aarti ritual holds a great importance in the worship of Goddess Durga in all forms.
While you decorate the Holy Thali to show your reverence towards the goddess, why not exhibit this talent to your friends when you have a chance to give a significant berth to your auspicious Navratri Celebration.
We invite the nominations of Aarthi Thali decoration as part of this.

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Rules & Regulations for Aarthi Thali Decoration Contest

1. One image is allowed per submission

2. Last date the submit your creations is 22nd October

3. Each submission will be posted in an album on facebook and link will be provided to participant to share

4. The Aarthi Thali Decoration with most number of likes will be declared winner

5. Winner will be announced on 24th October

Here are the winners of the Competition.


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