6 Ways To Improve Your Productivity

Every once in a while everyone gets bored of their work and even though they are in office then don’t feel like working at all. If you fall into this trap you will just have a pile of work waiting to be done. Lets make some changes to your work place to keep you excited about work, increase your productivity and get the job done soon.

1. Be organized and prepare a plan

If your work is stressful and if you are not able to manage it. It is possible that you are not well organized. If you follow a schedule to reach your work, then try to reach the office 10 to 15mins earlier than your usual time. Prepare a list of tasks that you got planned for each day aand assign time for each task and target to finish them in the same day. This will help to reduce work stress and get the work done faster

2. Keep your work space clean and neat

Having a clean and tidy work space helps improve your productivity and keeps you motivated. Hence you need to clean and organize your desk. Remove all the unwanted papers, books, file or any other objects from your desk and keep in clean. Put together some things you like such as colorful calendar, pictures that make you happy or an indoor plant. Make sure you still leave enough space for your work. You will be happy to see your work place daily and be more productive.

3. Pay attention to your attire

If your company does not enforce a strict dress code, you can wear something that keeps your confidence up and present you better. Wear clean and attractive clothes and colors that make you stand out of the usual crowd. This will boost your self confidence and keep you active throughout the day.

4. Don’t get bored because of repetition in work

If you are doing the kind of job that expects you to do the same things every day, it can soon become boring and gets you irritated with work. To avoid this you can make up some new tasks every day. These tasks can be big or very small, it does not matter. Just choose something that can improve your current skills or teach you a new skill or help you get your work done quickly or just some creative thing you like. Start to pick up new things that will keep you motivated and happy.

5. Eat the right food

Don’t eat foods that make you dull after your lunch. Some foods can be heave and make you feel sleepy making you loose your productivity. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients and are healthy for you. Walnuts for example product omega 3 fatty acids and bananas contains magnesium and produces tryptophan that helps you stay active through out the day.

6. Always stay positive

No matter how bad your work is or how stressed out you are, a positive attitude can help you over come all these obstacles. Always try to solve all your minor tensions and complete the work as soon as possible so you can have time for yourself and your family. Be positive and happy throughout the day, this will make any challenging task looks achievable and makes a huge difference in your life.

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