4 Ways To Make Your Walks As Workouts

Walking is one of the most healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Walking will not only helps you to loose your weight, it also provides the full body workout. Your skin will also gets extra glow. Are you getting bored of the daily long walks? Here are some ways to make your walks as workouts.

Sprint Walking:

Walking with more speed than you usually does is called sprint walking. By sprint walking once a week you can reduce 175 to 200 calories in a spam of 30 minutes.

Marathon Walks:

Usually in marathon, run or walk are aimed for longer distances. Marathon walk is also same. Monthly once aim for longer distances. If you cannot walk alone for longer distances than go along with your friends. Participating in marathon events will also help.

Dumbbells in middle:

Walking continuously is boring. Take break in between and try doing some light exercise with dumbbells or breathing exercises… etc

Backwards is fun:

Every time we walk forwards right! lets try something different. How about walking backwards? This backward walking will energize the nerves of your brain.

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