14 things couple must do before having a baby

15 things couple needs to do before having a baby

After reading this post most of you may not agree that this list must be fulfilled to before having a baby. But if you have a baby after you finish this list you will be really happy that you did these things.  If you already have a baby, check this list to see if you have missed doing any of them.

1. Buy a home

When babies arrives, they turn your world upside down. Nothing will be the same and everything comes after him. Your expenditure increases exponentially and you will end up spending more than you save. You will be tangled in the monthly expenses and will start to save for securing your baby’s future and you may not be able to allocate budget for your plan to buy a house.

If you buy a home before your baby comes, that means you have reached a major milestone in life and you can see your baby grow in your own house not worrying about buying one and what you pay as EMI of your home loan will be little more than the rent you would pay. But considering the fact that you have your own house is a big achievement.

2. Go for at-least one international trip

Take at least one cross country trip or your dream vacation. Travelling with your better half will make you and your relation happier and healthier. It helps you to communicate better. Vacation is an opportunity for “alone times” which improves communication and understanding between you guys.

You will start to miss these “alone times” once you have a baby. So better to plan as many trip as possible, visit the place you like and have fun. I would suggest travelling in cruise which might be very difficult after having babies.

3. Buy a nice camera

Sweet memories will turn your moods up. Discussing often about those sweet memories from your past will make your relationship much healthier.

Buy an expensive and nice camera to take snapshots of your happy moments. You may not be interested in investing money on an expensive and high end camera later.

You can always share these photographs with your friends, relatives, parents and children, which makes you happy.

4. Purchase a car

Go on, purchase a car, have some fun with your cool car.  Take a long road trip or pick up a random place in a map and put the pedal to the metal. If you don’t buy a car now, you will have to buy toy cars for your kid with your leftover savings – Just Kidding.

5. Establish your career

Think about it before having a baby. Your expenses are going to rise, your savings will be cut off and you baby needs share in it. When you move up on the ladder, your life would be easier.

If you want to take a career risk take it now.

6. Address any problems in relation

Now may be the best time to solve any problems in your relationship. Many think having a baby will solve their issues. But unfortunately this is not the case.  The new stress that comes with having a baby might amplify your issues.

Relationship satisfaction is also important. Couple needs to have a healthy, satisfying relationship with better understanding.

7. Be spontenous

Go out of town on a moment’s notice. Meet up for drinks with friends on a Tuesday just because it’s…Tuesday.

Parenthood is full of surprises. Why not to be prepared for it well in advance. Host a surprise party for all your friends. Just do whatever you want; anything that makes you guys happy is a thing to do.

8. Weekend movie marathons

You may not get time even for a single movie after having a baby. So, have as many movie marathons as you can. Invite your friends to your house or you both can go to movie theaters.  Recline seats, butter popcorns, surround sound – you will miss it for long time.

9. Enjoy night outs

Stay all night up, have fun and sleep next day. Playing games, watching movies, going to concerts, check out an art exhibits, late night parties or night outs with friends.

After having a baby, you will still stay all night up but it will be to take care of him.

10. Save emergency fund

It’s very important to have an emergency fund. We will never know what’s coming up, parenthood is full of surprises. You will be thankful to have some extra money in your account.

It’s better to save an amount equal to your 12 month expenditure.

11. Experience a waterfall

Greenery, slippery rocks, sprinkling water, who doesn’t love the waterfall. Ofcourse, we all do. But to experience the waterfall sprinkling you will need to cross water, walk on slippery rock, trek mountain, which might not be possible after having a baby. Experience a waterfall from very near,

12. Go Camping

Take a break from the television and live amongst wildlife in its natural habitat. Enjoy cooking by the campfire, eating outdoors and getting close to all the outdoor activities you enjoy.

Babies and wilderness? not a good fit.

13. Cook Together

It would be romantic. A connection will be formed over learning together and trying new things. The two of you can get a quality alone time. You will save money and appreciate what you are eating.

14. Make a list of restaurants

Visit all the restaurants you wish to. Because restaurants aren’t kid-friendly and bit sitters aren’t cheap. So culinary and boozy wish list and get ready for the feast.


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